Clean top to bottom!

Stainless steel water bottles that open from the top and bottom for complete access & easy cleaning

Push-twist bottom lid functionality prevents it from opening until you are ready to wash your toob

Why Get a Toob?

Erica Giordano

Inventor, Owner

How many water bottles do you have cluttering up a cabinet or drawer in your kitchen?

You probably have so many bottles because you have been looking for just the right one…you want a material that will not easily break, like glass bottles can, or leach harmful plastics, you want a bottle with a narrower drinking spout so you don’t spill your drink all over yourself, but most importantly you want to be able to clean your bottle!

Have you ever felt the inside of your bottle after water has been sitting in it for more than a day? You remember that slimy layer of film you felt? Well that is biofilm - bacteria that can build up on surfaces and can make you sick. 

With so many variables to consider when looking for the perfect bottle you've accumulated a ridiculous amount of useless bottles over the years hoping that the next one will meet all of your needs.

Toob is the solution to that cluttered space in your kitchen and all of those germ infested bottles!

With toob you can unscrew the top and bottom lids, allowing you complete and easy access so YOU CAN ACTUALLY CLEAN THE ENTIRE BOTTLE!!!

I know what you're thinking, "a bottom lid…what…how, won't it open and leak all over my things?!" Fortunately, the answer is, “no it won't!” I have designed the bottom lid to function like a child-proof cap with a push-twist functionality. Also, both the top and bottom lids have a silicone seal band that will make a tight seal and prevent leaking. So you don't have to worry about the bottom lid coming loose inside your purse, work or gym bag and falling off or leaking. 

Now you can get rid of all those other useless bottles and stock that cabinet or drawer with a toob for everyone in your family!